Dating Coaching — the “Sane Sex” Way

Are you having the dating experience you would like?

  • Understand the sane sex model and how it can help you enjoy dating and honor yourself
  • Gain confidence and know you true worth
  • Discover that dating can be funDating
  • Set an intention for your dating experience and get support to achieve it
  • Meet the kinds of people you want to meet
  • Become more comfortable at singles events
  • Master the sane sex approach to dating
  • Learn how to handle the question of physical intimacy when you date
  • Keep your commitment to practicing safe sex every time
  • Explore your blind spots and weaknesses
  • Develop skills to work a room and mingle with ease
  • Find new ways to meet singles like you


Coaching and support to help you have the dating experience you desire

Ongoing, personalized encouragement

Flexible format: in-person, by Skype, and/or over the telephone.

Practical, effective steps you can apply immediately

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