Career Coaching

Do you want a career better suited to your interests and abilities?

  • Assess your interests and abilities
  • Clarify your goals and prioritiesDSC_6233fav to edit on greenkeyedflattxt
  • Discover the ideal work environment to enhance your work performance
  • Understand what you need from your employer and how to get it so you can perform your best
  • Strengthen and update your resume
  • Develop effective job search and interviewing skills
  • Build your network to enhance your job search efforts
  • Master the informational interviewing process to help you land your dream job
  • Enhance your networking skills and learn how to work a room comfortably


Coaching and support to help you have your ideal career

Ongoing, personalized encouragement

Flexible format: in-person, by Skype, and/or over the telephone.

Practical, effective steps you can apply immediately

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