Academic Coaching

Are you returning to college after years in the workforce or at home?

  • Develop the confidence to succeed as a student todayDSC_6278favtoeditkeyedflat
  • Master online learning and test-taking
  • Enhance research techniques and study skills
  • Grasp the processes, expectations, and terminology of today’s colleges
  • Use what you know to make learning and memorization easier
  • Discover and access the resources available to you as a student
  • Learn proper essay formatting (APA, MLA)
  • Improve your writing skills and knowledge of grammar
  • Achieve greater balance of school, work and home responsibilities
  • Maintain your motivation to achieve your goals


Is your son or daughter transitioning from high school to college?

  • Understand the critical differences between high school and college and why high school success does not guarantee college success
  • Enhance college performance and improve GPA
  • Explore college majors and career options suited to goals and interests
  • Master techniques to learn more quickly and easily
  • Develop time management capabilities
  • Cultivate greater self-discipline and initiative
  • Learn calendar management skills to meet deadlines and achieve goals
  • Discover all the resources available to students
  • Overcome test anxiety and learn proven test-taking strategies
  • Acquire the practices for succeeding in online courses
  • Improve note-taking skills
  • Enhance study skills and memorization techniques
  • Succeed at school while working part time
  • Learn proven methods to excel in oral presentations


Coaching and support to help you achieve your educational goals

Ongoing, personalized encouragement

Flexible format: in-person, by Skype, and/or over the telephone.

Practical, effective steps you can apply immediately

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