The Birkman Preview®

For Personal Insight, Career Development, Greater Work-Life Balance

The Birkman Preview Report is an invaluable tool for helping you when undergoing job changes or contemplating career transitions.  It enables you to recognize and articulate your strengths during a job interview.  It identifies what you need from a job, your manager, and the work environment in order for you to comfortably demonstrate those strengths at work.  With this insight, you’ll know what to look for and the questions to ask during an interview.  The Birkman Preview Report also assists with career exploration by providing direct links by job title to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


A Birkman Preview Report describes:

Usual Behavior – A person’s NATURAL, PRODUCTIVE Behavior

In Birkman terms we call these Usual Behaviors and define them as the productive, socialized behavior that is observable by others. It is seen by others as socially positive, flexible, adaptable, civilized, appropriate, comfortable, and natural and can be modified by the person through experience or training.  Examples include:

  • Straightforward, matter of fact
  • At ease in groups, sociable
  • Systematic, concerned with detail


Needs – A person’s Needs

Defined as what one needs interpersonally and from his/her surrounding environment to stay in healthy, productive behavior (Usual). Rarely observable by others and sometimes unknown to the person. They are neutral (not positive or negative), persistent (hardwired) and critical to understanding behavior and motivation – what drives a person’s behavior toward positive or negative productivity.  Examples are:

  • To feel respected by others
  • Time by yourself
  • Freedom over own schedule


Stress Behavior – A person’s UNPRODUCTIVE Behavior

In Birkman terms we call these Stress Behaviors and define them as the counter-productive, frustrated behavior that is observable by others. It can be seen by others as defensive, ineffective, reactive, uncomfortable, and costly.  Stress can be alleviated by the person through the awareness of the behavior and his/her respective Birkman Need(s).  Stress behaviors could be:

  • Undue sensitivity
  • Withdrawal
  • Weakened follow-through


Job Families/Job Titles Section

This section shows how similar your scores are to people who work in 27 different job families, such as legal, education, tangible sales, information technology, and directive management.  It lists specific jobs in each family and most job titles are links to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which provides:

  • Nature of the work
  • Work environment
  • Training, qualifications, and advancement
  • Employment and job outlook
  • Earnings
  • Related occupations
  • Other information sources


The Birkman Preview Report can help you alleviate stress and prevent career derailment through understanding “poor fit” and unproductive actions! For more information on the Birkman Preview Report®, contact Joanne at 602-909-8598 or