Employee Training Programs

These interactive workshops are two to four hours long and can be adjusted to fit your organization’s schedule.  Each program provides practical information and participant materials, along with discussion, activities, and follow up actions that can be taken immediately to improve your employees’ effectiveness on the job.

Use our comprehensive training materials to conduct employee training on-site at your organization.  Detailed facilitator’s guide along with slides and/or participant materials are provided for each program.  Want to see how comprehensive and user-friendly the materials are?  Download an entire set of free workshop materials!

To learn more and purchase your program, select the program below.  For more information or to have Joanne conduct a session for your organization, please contact us.

Conflict Resolution for Employees

Event Length: 2 Hours

Event Description:   This workshop gives the participants the tools to de-escalate and resolve conflicts that occur with team members, other colleagues, and customers.  Participants are introduced to five conflict handling styles approaches and apply communication skills they can use in difficult conversations.  This practical program gives participants tools they can use immediately to be more effective in their daily lives and helps them reduce conflict within their work groups, develop communication skills, and improve group cohesiveness and efficiency.

Workshop Objectives:

  • identifying the types, causes, and signs of conflict
  • recognizing the five conflict-handling styles
  • knowing when and how to use three conflict resolution methods: collaborative, managerial, and procedural
  • understanding how to use techniques for resolving conflicts with customers.

Conflict Resolution for Employees includes the 15-page Facilitator’s Guide, 24 PowerPoint slides, and 19-page Participant Guide.

Cost: $199.00 

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Critical Thinking for Employees

Event Length: 4 Hours

Event Description:   Critical thinking is not just about possessing a set of skills.  It incorporates a second dimension, a person’s attitudes, values, character, and overall approach to life.  Critical thinkers not only use critical thinking skills, they structure their lives in terms of the standards of critical thinking.  This workshop gives participants an understanding of critical thinking and its standards.  They learn to recognize the behaviors of egocentric thinkers and the characteristics of critical thinkers.  They identify the common fallacies of logic and rhetoric and practice and apply the concepts of critical thinking.  This program covers many of the thinking skills covered in college courses today and gives employees an understanding of critical thinking concepts and the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to their work situations.

Workshop Objectives:

  • defining critical thinking and explain why it is needed today
  • understanding and applying the standards of critical thinking
  • recognizing the behaviors of egocentric thinkers
  • describing the characteristics of critical thinkers
  • explaining and identifying the common fallacies of logic and rhetoric
  • practicing and applying the concepts of critical thinking

Critical Thinking for Employees includes a comprehensive 17-page Facilitator’s Guide, 21 PowerPoint slides, and a 23-page Participant Guide.

Cost: $299.00

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Professional Conduct for Employees

Event Length: 2 Hours

Event Description:  This workshop enables participants to explain the difference between affirmative action and diversity or between discrimination and harassment and gain an appreciation for the benefits of a diverse workforce and the cost of harassment in their workplace.  They learn to recognize the many forms of harassment and discrimination, as well as what to do if they see or experience either one first hand.  This program enables participants to recognize, avoid, and handle discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Workshop Objectives:

  • developing an understanding of and appreciation for diversity in today’s workplace
  • distinguishing between diversity and affirmative action
  • increasing awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences
  • recognizing the role communication plays in expressing appreciation for diversity and avoiding discrimination
  • differentiating between discrimination and harassment
  • defining sexual harassment and understand its cost to companies and individuals
  • understanding their role in preventing and dealing with harassment

Professional Conduct for Employees includes the 16-page Facilitator’s Guide, 31 PowerPoint slides, 19-page Participant Guide.

Cost: $199.00  

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Package Deal  – The Entire Employee Development Series

This series includes all three Nurture You training programs for employees for one low price: Critical Thinking for Employees (four hours), Conflict Resolution for Employees (two hours), and Professional Conduct for Employees (two hours).  These ready-to-deliver programs are appropriate for corporate audiences and any organization that would like to improve the performance of its employees, particularly in the areas of avoiding and handling conflict, communication, diversity, sexual harassment, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Why pay a professional trainer when you could conduct these programs in-house for a fraction of the cost as often as you wish!

Includes free Facilitator Tips to help you deliver a fun, informative session.

Cost for all five programs just $599

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