Tutoring Services

Need help developing reading or writing skills?

  • Develop the reading comprehension skills needed to succeed in coursework and score well on placement exams
  • Master grammar and punctuation fundamentals
  • Grasp the process to write a clear and correctly formatted essay
  • Eliminate incomplete sentences and run-ons from your writing
  • Build your vocabulary
  • Improve reading and writing abilities at all grade levels
  • Enhance your proof reading skills
  • Learn proper essay formatting (APA, MLA)
  • Understand when and how to cite your research sources
  • Improve your confidence as a writer


Do you find math challenging?

  • Understand fundamental math concepts for grades K-8
  • Develop the reasoning skills required for all levels of math
  • Build the confidence to perform your best on math exams
  • Master techniques to solve word problems
  • Learn how to work with fractions and decimals
  • Improve scores on the Lower, Middle, and Upper Level ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam)


Terrified of oral presentations or speaking up in class?

  • Learn a process for outlining and developing oral presentationsSpeech Contest
  • Develop simple delivery techniques
  • Practice using notes and visual aids with ease
  • Build the confidence to overcome nervousness and have fun
  • Discover easy ways to engage the audience
  • Understand methods for making practice effective
  • Turn your greatest fear into a strength
  • Learn the success strategies used by Toastmasters worldwide


Tutoring and support to help you or your child be successfully academically

Ongoing, personalized encouragement

Flexible format: in-person, by Skype, and/or over the telephone.

Practical, effective steps you can apply immediately

Safe: Background Check by the National Tutoring Association and Fingerprint Clearance Card

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For more information, contact Joanne at 602-909-8598 or Joanne@joannedeck.com

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