Frequently Asked Questions

What is an academic coach?

As a certified academic coach, I help students of all ages be successful in school.  I work with high school students so they can transition to college successfully.  Together we explore how college requirements are different from high school expectations, and we work on developing the skills, confidence, and self-discipline they need to be successful. I also support adults who are returning to college after being in the workforce or staying at home maintain work-life-school balance and master the processes and terminology used by colleges today.

Why would someone need an academic coach?  Doesn’t the school provide the support they need?

While some people are successful on their own, there are many reasons someone may seek the help of a coach.  Not all schools have the resources to provide the level of individualized support new students need.  Even when they do, many students are unaware of the services and programs offered by their school.  Having worked for six higher education institutions, I am well versed in the types of resources offered and how to access them.

What are your credentials as an academic coach?

I have 13 years’ experience teaching online and in person for five colleges and universities.  I am certified by the National Tutoring Association as an Academic Coach and have worked as an Academic Coach for Paradise Valley Community College since 2013.  I also worked for almost two years as Senior Instructional Analyst for Rio Salado College, where I assisted students and faculty in using the college’s technology and meeting course requirements.

How is academic coaching different than tutoring?

When I work as a tutor, my focus is more narrow as I work with students in mastering specific subject areas such as math or writing.  An academic coach’s support is broader in scope and can include work on study skills, time management, note taking, test anxiety reduction, balancing school and work demands, accessing the college’s resources, online learning strategies, and relating effectively to instructors.

My job is stable but there is no room for advancement.  Can career coaching help me?

Most likely.  I begin working with career coaching clients by having them take the Birkman Assessment.  This instrument identifies a person’s strengths, interests, and needs, enabling them to select a career path that is ideal for them.  With my years of experience in human resources, I am well equipped to advise clients in job search techniques including resume writing, cover letter development, and interviewing skills.

What exactly does dating coaching involve?

Dating coaching is centered on the client’s goals.  The techniques I promote are outlined in my book, Sane Sex for Singles, so coaching begins with the client reading the book.  From there we look at the person’s goals, what things they have been doing and the outcomes they’ve gotten from these.  I support the client in understanding and implementing the “sane sex” approach to dating so that their experience is rewarding and fun.

How often are coaching sessions held?  How long are they?

Coaching sessions are held as often as the client would like them: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as arranged.  They may be conducted face-to-face, over the telephone, or by Skype.  In-person sessions are typically an hour and may be held at the client’s home or workplace or, depending on the circumstances, at a public venue such as a library or coffee shop.  Phone sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes.

When is coaching completed?

This depends on the client’s goals and needs.  My goal is to support the client until the new behaviors are second nature and/or their goals are achieved.  The timing is very flexible and geared to the client’s success.