Keeping Weight Off

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SpeakingI was asked recently what I would recommend to someone who wanted to maintain a healthy weight. I would begin by congratulating the individual on their weight loss.  It’s a wonderful accomplishment, something they should feel proud of every day. Continuing to enjoy their new body is one way to keep their good habits in place. It feels good to be at a healthy weight, so they should enjoy it.

When I first lost my weight, I did so through Weight Watchers. I continued to attend meetings, and I used a book called The Weight Maintenance Survival Guide by Kelly D. Brownell. While the book is old (1990), I’m sure the advice is timeless. Eventually I began working for Weight Watchers as a way to be sure I maintained my weight. Finally, I went out on my own as a Wellness Coach. Over the years, I’ve used coaching to help my clients maintain their good eating habits, stay active, and balance work and life demands. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While I no longer count points, I always read labels, strive to exercise a minimum of three times a week, and eat a low fat diet with lots of vegetables and fruits every day. My mantra is “moderation in all things” so that I avoid feeling deprived and over-eating. While it’s rare these days, when I feel uncomfortable because I’ve eaten too much, I examine the circumstances and commit to making a different choice the next time I’m in a similar situation.

Don’t believe the common message that it’s impossible to lose weight and keep it off. The problem most people have is they lose weight using a process they can’t maintain in the long run. The reason I chose Weight Watchers to start with is because I knew it was a lifestyle I could live with for the rest of my life…and I was right.

The Ripple Effect of Resisting

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It may seem that when we resist receiving, we’re the only ones affected.  But not so – the wanna be giver is denied the opportunity to give, so they don’t receive the good feelings people get when they give.  But that’s not the whole story.  Often our resistance affects others.  Have you ever watched people argue over who should get the check at a restaurant?  The meal ends and the server appears with the bill.   Two people start bickering, insisting that they will be the one to pick up the check for the party.  If one of them doesn’t realize that by allowing the other person to pay they’re actually giving, the argument can go on and on.  Meanwhile, the poor server stands there awkwardly, unsure who to give the check to, and the rest of party starts to squirm.

Now if some occasional awkward moments were the only problem, I wouldn’t be so concerned.  The problem is that when people don’t do their share of receiving, they could literally be putting themselves in jeopardy.  Do you know of someone who has given all her life?  She’s the first to volunteer, always bringing somebody a meal or watching their kids.  Non-profits, the PTA, religious organizations — you name it, she’s there – always the one doing the giving.  Then out of nowhere, seemingly, she’s brought down by the diagnosis, an accident, or some other misfortune.

Observers mistake this for some warped punishment, but that’s skewed thinking.  The Universe is not punishing her; it’s restoring balance. My research on giving and receiving confirmed this.  People told me repeatedly how they resisted receiving until they forced to accept help, due to a devastating illness or injury.  Once they learned how to receive, they found life easier and more enjoyable for all parties, as they finally discovered that allowing others to give to them was a blessing for both of them.

 If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll remember that there needs to be equality between giving and receiving for the whole process work.  Take a look at the balance of giving and receiving in your life and even the score if necessary.  Life will get easier for all of us.

“I Don’t Have the Exercise Gene”

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Being active comes in many forms

Being active comes in many forms

People phrase it a number of ways, but the idea is the same.  They find exercise a chore, so they decide they’re not meant to move. The flaw with this argument is that we all have the same basic equipment, which includes 600 major muscle groups and a body that responds positively to exercise, even if our emotions don’t.  Remind yourself that it would be cruel of our Creator to give us a body that to run properly requires us to move it regularly without giving us a spirit to meet this need.  You can find an activity you enjoy.  I am not at all athletic, and I’ve done it; so can you.  The truth is: “We all have the exercise gene.”


Getting Our Attention

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“Healing is the revealing of God’s presence at the center and circumference of an apparent condition.”

Dennis Merritt Jones

Sunset 341x256Do you know someone who has done all the “right things” and still ended up with a devastating diagnosis?  I know several people; maybe this describes you as well.  Our first thoughts might be how unfair the universe is or that God is punishing them in some way.  What if an illness, big or small, is Spirit’s way of getting our attention and drawing us closer?  In reality, we’re never separated from God, but it sure can feel that way. 

I love the idea that there is no such thing as an incurable illness, just illnesses for which we have not yet discovered the cure.  Our creator made us and knows how to make us well.  Let us be at peace and trust that God is present at the center and circumference of everything all the time.  All is well.

Set Yourself Up to Succeed

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Vegetables 405x249You can have a healthy lifestyle – or at least a healthier one.  Set yourself up for success.  Commit to weekly food shopping so you always have fresh produce on hand.  Wash it before you put it away, so you can grab it and go during the week.  Lay your walking clothes and shoes out before you go to bed, so you can take the dog for a walk before you go to work.  Keep an extra set of workout clothes in the car, so you can stop after work or go for a walk at lunchtime.  Get the idea?  Now add an idea of your own.

Making Little Headway

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Look for any reason to walk.

Look for any reason to walk.

You would think that with all the advances in healthcare over the past 50 years, we’d see much longer life spans, wouldn’t you?  The problem is that changes in lifestyle are offsetting this progress.  People are much less active today than they were 50 years ago due to labor-saving devices, desk jobs, electronics of every size, and 500 channel satellite packages.  Then we have over-sized pantries and refrigerators to reduce the need to shop and remote controls that eliminate having to get off the couch to adjust the channel or fan. Put some of that saved time toward a physical activity you enjoy, and let’s live longer and healthier lives.

Find Your Inner Olympian

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diversity 301x286Are you as inspired and motivated by the Winter Olympics as I am?  For 18 days we were riveted to the couch in our household, and I still feel pumped.  Although I have been a huge fan of the Olympics all my life, two things really struck me this time.  The first was how dangerous the winter games are, so much more so than the summer sports.  In fact, a couple of athletes made it to Sochi but then never got to compete due to an injury sustained during a practice run there.  The second was how many of the athletes competed while not fully recovered from an injury or illness or having recently healed from devastating injuries and/or major surgeries.  What drive these folks have!

Thankfully, we do not have to do anything close to this to be active and physically fit.  We do need to find some of that passion they exhibit, however, if we’re going to stick with an exercise program.  There’s good reason to find an activity we enjoy, as exercise simply is not an option if you want to live long and well.  Open your mind to the idea that you are designed to move every day, and failing to do so is unnatural, even it’s been your practice thus far.  That means being active before or after work if you have a full time sedentary job.  If you enjoy home renovations or gardening or have a hobby that keeps you active, great.  Most people don’t, so you’re in the majority, look at your local community colleges or the YMCA for classes.  You’ll have the instruction, structure and companionship needed to get started and keep going, all for an affordable price.  Ask your HR department if the company offers any discounts on gym memberships.  Consider exploring in your own neighborhood for dance or yoga studios, small gyms, or a Jazzercise center (my personal favorite).  Pay attention to the dog walkers on your street and start a dog club.

Once you’ve found an activity you enjoy, continue to maintain your motivation.  Follow your favorite athlete on social media to keep the inspiration going.  If they can keep going year after year and love doing it, so can we!

Journal for Better Peace of Mind

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Roger with kids 321x230You don’t have to be a writer to keep a journal.  I carry my journal most of the time, so I can easily jot down ideas I receive and inspirational tidbits I come across.  As I fill my journal, it becomes a valuable resource for me, since I’ve filled it with things of meaning to me.  Last week while waiting to see if my smart phone had to be reset or replaced (always a stressor for me), I became calm as I read through past entries in my journal.  Stress elimination expert, Kebba Buckley Button, would have been proud of me finding my peace within through my journal.

What Eggactly Do You Know?

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About eggs that is.  Are brown eggs healthier? Are organic eggs more nutritious?  Should you eat the white and skip the yolk?  No, no, and it depends.  Brown and white eggs are nutritionally equal.  Organic eggs aren’t healthier for you, but they are produced under more humane conditions.  If you eliminate the yolk, you’ll lose all of the cholesterol (187 mg).  You’ll also lose half the 6 grams of protein, too, so you decide.

Good News, Bad News

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The good news is: if junk food is not in your house, you can’t eat it.  The bad news is: if vegetables aren’t in your house, you can’t eat them either, so I encourage my clients to shop every week, to ensure a fresh supply of produce and dairy products.  To minimize unhealthy food choices, make it a practice to read the label of everything you put in your cart.  (Often that’s all it takes to kill the appeal.)  If it’s a special occasion or you can’t resist, buy a single serving – and then be sure to savor every bite.  It’s the regular habit, not the infrequent treat, which causes the problem.