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For over four years I’ve been writing about learning to receive. My goal at the onset was to develop my next book week by week, ideally as I improved my ability to receive. Over the past several months it’s become clear to me that it’s time for change. To receive my heart’s desires, I need to make room in my life and my consciousness for them. I’ve decided that I also need to have more fun! I’ve looked at all the things I do on a regular basis and am releasing those that are no longer working or that I simply no longer enjoy. It’s taken courage, but the increased energy and sense of freedom I’m experiencing are worth the temporary discomfort. It feels so good to be true to my own heart!

VisionOne of the difficult changes that I feel called to make is to put my weekly newsletter on hold. While I expect to post the occasional blog (please be my Facebook friend to get notice of those), I will devote my weekly writing time to transforming my four plus years of articles into my next book, Learning to Receive.

Those who have been with me know that part of my process has been to read and explore with you the writings of a variety of experts, mystics, and scholars. Over the years, my focus has become largely spiritual. Upon reflection, how could it not? God is my Source, after all. Lately, it’s Joel Goldsmith who has caught my attention in a big way. I’d like to leave you with some of the nuggets I’ve found in Collected Essays of Joel S. Goldsmith:

  • Business is never at the mercy of the times, the market, or other external conditions. God being ever-present means that supply is infinite and immediately available if we will only recognize it (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 38).
  • God cannot withhold good any more than a diamond can withhold its color or brilliance (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 39).
  • We must give up the notion of praying “for” something and instead intend only to commune with God. Our needs cannot help but be met when we know our oneness with our Source (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 31-36). (Haven’t we heard that somewhere before, “Seek first the kingdom of God…?)
  •  Prayer is a state of receptivity, not words that we say. The word of God is that which God says within us (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 88).
  • The burden is not on us to govern ourselves, maintain ourselves, or even to find the right kind of prayer. God is our “individual shepherd, guide, protector, guard, maintainer and sustainer” (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 92).
  • No matter what the problem, we do not face it alone. In the valley of the shadow of death, we have nothing to fear (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 96).
  • Reread the 23rd psalm and ask yourself if there is even a possibility that God will stop the flow of your blessings as long as you have a need (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 99).
  • We can only experience fear if in the midst of problems and challenges we believe that God has deserted us (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 106).
  • We experience limitation because we either look at appearances and judge or we look to other people or entities and expect (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 109-119).
  • God is never influenced by us. We do not earn favor or blessings. The Light shines no matter what we do (Goldsmith, 2010, p. 144).

Goldsmith, J. (2010). Collected Essays Joel S Goldsmith. Camarillo, CA: Devorss & Company

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Joanne Deck

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