Should You Schedule Sex?

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CalendarI was recently asked if scheduling sex is good or bad for a relationship. Can you guess my answer?  I think it’s a great idea, and I have three reasons. 

First, something that gets scheduled tends to happen.  Sex is worth making it a priority in your life so why not reserve time for it.  When you do, you’re less likely to overlook it or put off due to busyness. 

Second, we’re much more likely to have safe sex when it’s scheduled because we can be prepared.  Spontaneity is not as much fun as the media would have us believe, and there’s nothing enjoyable about an STD! 

Finally, and most importantly, we have the anticipation factor.  Sex therapists tell us that it’s the thought of having sex that sex addicts are actually addicted to, not the act itself. The anticipation of the experience is very powerful and fun, so we get a lot more out the experience when we can anticipate it.

Why not get with your beloved now, and bring your calendar with you!

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Joanne Deck

Joanne M. Deck, MBA, SPHR is a certified academic and career coach, educator, public speaker, and author with expertise in higher education, careers, and healthy dating relationships. She has over 20 years of corporate experience as an instructor and tutor, leadership coach, human resources director, wellness and management consultant, and customer service manager and is active with Toastmasters, having achieved the levels of ACS and ALB. Joanne is also the author of Sane Sex for Singles, a three-time winning dating guide for the new millennium. Joanne was born in Rochester, NY and graduated from the University at Albany, NY with a degree in math and an MBA in human resources. She is the mother of young adult twin daughters and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Roger. Joanne is currently working on her next book, Learning to Receive with Grace and Ease, aimed at helping people become more comfortable and skillful receivers. Her observation is that most people have the giving side of the equation down, but struggle with receiving.

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